Funding Options Leading the Northern Powerhouse Charge

5 June 2015

For anyone involved in business finance, you’re probably aware the government are taking huge steps to create a ‘powerhouse’ of business in the north. With such visions of grandeur, it’s becoming apparent that the process of turning this dream into a reality is a rather complex one. This said, there have been plenty of parties keen to gather and contribute to the improvement of SMEs in the north, and we predict progress… soon.

One of the key components of this movement is to directly help those at the heart of it – this includes existing business, firms looking to grow, and start-ups.

Yesterday (4th June 2015), during a conference held by KPMG Manchester, and organised by the ICAEW, a number of big names gathered to discuss this important topic. Representatives from key financial institutions included MSCA president Colin Gillespie, Ron Emerson of the British Business Bank, and Louise Beaumont who heads up Public Affairs at GLI Finance.

In the crowd were a host of finance specialists, ambitious entrepreneurs, and business owners who were also keen to thrash out the issue of how we can all work together to put the north well and truly on the map.

In what was a positive morning of discussion, Louise Beaumont made the important point about the balance of government and private sector help for SMEs, and how Funding Options can play a lead role in this process – especially so, given the introduction of the Bank Referral Scheme.

Referring to the way customers behave and how solutions have adapted to this, she stated, “This is a generation who are Googling a finance solution and getting speedy, accurate support without needing a traditional relationship at all.” in reference to the platform set up here at Funding Options.

This is exactly why we work hard to understand the way businesses seek finance and by operating closely alongside key influencers we are working towards a platform that will directly move businesses forward in a positive direction – not just financially.

Read the full press release from the event here.

Update: Read the Manchester Evening News’ coverage of the event here.