How to overcome the SME alt fi knowledge gap: Conrad Ford editorial in City A.M.

3 December 2015

Funding Options founder and CEO Conrad Ford explores "How to overcome the SME alt fi knowledge gap" in today's City A.M.. Highlighting the dearth of traditional bank loans to small businesses and the decline of the business overdraft, Conrad examines the impact this is having on UK businesses and explores the question of how to connect SMEs to the thriving alternative finance market.

He also points out that blaming banks is stale and pointless:

In spite of small business overdrafts becoming history, the solution is not bank-bashing...banks need to get better at giving a straight 'no' when a firm is unlikely to fit their criteria, and collaborate more effectively with alternative finance providers.

These issues are investigated in depth in "Life after the business overdraft", a white paper by Funding Options published today. You can download a free copy here.

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